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Nerdy post

Kind of drunk now and yeah… I have this tiny circuit board in a plastic case that I got for next to nothing. It only has an usb charging cable connected to it and it is a _LOT_ more powerful than my original PC. The venerable 486… If I remember correctly my 486 had a couple of mb of ram and it was a struggle to get anything to work properly on it. You had a couple of k of ram then you had to break your fingers writing an autoexec.bat file to lh shit like nw drivers to “highram” for it to work and… god… those were shitty times. Also F* IPX networks. Those terminators always broke…

Anyway. I had a BBS using “remoteaccess” on that 486. Good times. So I talked with the other sysop/nwadmin person at work about old times (the guy collects commodore 128:s) and I got the bright idea to get a raspberry pi and set it up as an BBS.

^Beautiful. We live in the future.
I put the pi linux dist on it and installed Mystic BBS.
Then I did a port fw and a NAT reflection on my PFSense firewall and WHOOP I have a BBS again! (use putty to telnet to at port 1337 (just remember to set the remote character set to CP437)).

There really is nothing much on it atm. But I will try to install some text based adventure games and perhaps some shooting related files as well.

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