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How to start your own shooting club in Sweden with “fritt gevär”.

  1. Reason you might want to do this:
    Fudds who hate fun at all local shooting clubs.
    Elitism at certain shooting federations
    Old-men drama (seriously, it is a thing)
  2. Get ~5+ friends and have a constitutional meeting. During this meeting you will write a protocol for the meeting. It should look something like this.
  3. The statutes of the shooting club must conform with the national organisations. Use these. They are from “sportskytteförbundet”.
  4. If you want to use your own variant of rule book for shooting outside of the national organisations I can recommend this one. Rewrite it to suite your needs. This is usually called “free rifle” or “fritt gevär”. Remember that you need to be part of a national organisation if you are to be able to use these rules for licenses of firearms.
  5. Contact skatteverket (tax agency) for an organisation number, SKV8400 application.
  6. When org number is finished, get a bank account for the club.
  7. Somehow manage to beg, cry or rent a shooting range (get permission on paper), then have regular competitions and training sessions at it. I suggest using firearms on a hunting license for now if you do not have any other firearms.
  8. Write a protocol for everything you do. Should contain what you did, date, time, place, who was there etc. More info = good.
  9. Hold a board meeting ~once a month or so.
  10. At the earliest after 6 months, when you have a functioning system set up for training and competing. With qualifications (I prefer the national organisations qualifications like the shooting cards”) in place, you can apply for the first license.
  11. If it is within the national organisations, ask them for assistance in this.
    It it is regarding fritt gevär you need to fill in the form “föreningsintyg” and send it to the police registrator where you live. It has to be filled in a special way for this purpose. See pic: (open in new window for large pic)
  12. Now the police will want to know everything about your club. They will want the protocol from the constitutional meeting, rule books, and all manner of info. Hopefully you have done your homework and have documented everything, no matter how small.

Things to consider.
Always be polite to the police.
6 month membership in a shooting club until you can apply for a license. This is law. Other than that for fritt gevär, place your own common sense rules. We for example demand to see criminal records for each person that wants to join the club. No one wants assholes to have firearms.

There is a lot more to it than this. I suggest getting someone with experience from non profit organisations to help out in the beginning. Preferable board work in a shooting club. Unionexperience might also work.

Good luck!


    • hagge

      lol, vi är ganska nära bristningsgränsen för medlemsantal. Hade jag fått bestämma hade alla fått vara med. Tyvärr praktiskt omöjligt. Igår vi tävling i lokal för 8 pers samtidigt när vi var nästan 30…

  1. Tim

    Väldigt intressant post, uppskattas väldigt mycket!
    Har känts som en omöjlighet att kunna göra något liknande när man googlat runt i alla år efter tips som detta… det verkar ju trots all finnas hopp (än) iaf.
    Hade jag känt ordentligt och seriöst folk med riktigt intresse så hade det redan vart på G!

    • hagge

      Nej, det ställer inte till det eftersom man inte refererar till det förbundet i föreningsintyget.

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