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Politics regarding gun laws in Sweden in 2019.

This is the day before Christmas in 2019 and I thought I would write the state of the gun laws in Sweden this year.

We have had the implementation of the European firearms directive hanging over us like an axe. The left wing government tried to do a shitty overimplementation of it early 2019, but the opposition managed to stop that since we have a minority government right now.

Then the government , for some idiotic reason, thought it would be a good idea to make removable magazines for firearms licensed.

The definition of a removable magazine in that proposition to a new law would be: “container for ammunition”. Yeah. It was that stupid. Anything can be a container for ammunition… But I get ahead of myself.

During the fall of 2019 the university of Linköping came out with a scientific paper regarding brå (gov agency for criminal statistics).

This basically said that socialist politicians order statistics that say what they want and when they want it. This is to influence elections, the opinion for their politics, favor their framing of their version of reality they are selling.

This had nothing to do with actual reality.

This is used to influence politruks in the police from above and policy for the entire justice system. All criminology researchers were in on it, especially those in Stockholm, hub for wokeness in Sweden.

This obviously does nothing to stop the criminals in Sweden. When writing this there have been 300+ shootings and 200+ bombings in Sweden just in 2019. Basically civil war among immigrant clans and gangs all over Sweden.

What is the left wing solution to this?

You guessed it: Make sure hunters and sport-shooters cannot use whatever magazine they want for their rifles. This would mostly hit hunters who cannot have any mag they want and would be a defacto magazine restriction to at most 5 rounds for most of the firearms owning community in Sweden.

This is of course bullshit. Anyone with 2 brain-cells to rub together can see that this is bs. Unless you vote for the current government.

To be fair, even the far left commies are kind of against this in their own stupid way. They did say yes to this with the caveat that it cannot go further than the EU firearms directive. Which it does. So they should have said no to it. Sorry commies, you cannot eat the cake and keep it. But I guess that is kind of their whole political idea so whatever.

Fortunately a vast majority in parliament is against this (atm). But the government is calling on their politruks in the police to go to the media and ask for more gun-laws. They have their bought and paid for legacy media to support it and they talk smack against everyone opposing it.

Social media and regular critical thinking is needed now more than ever. We have what is likely to be the worst government in the democratic history of Sweden right now. There is a real risk that they will make some batshit crazy laws and do fucked up things to stay in power. We have to keep being vigilant and write our politicians often and get involved in politics on the local and national level.

Merry Christmas and never give up.


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