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Shit out of luck

Yesterday my internet died and it was not my fault.
I somehow got a cryptolocker on my hypervisor!? (I never even log in to it usually)
Need to perhaps up the security on it.

So fortunately for me I have an exact replica of the HV with backups of the VM:s and everything so I was down for only 5 minutes. Now reinstalling the compromised HV machine. Need to get some proper AV set up on that machine this time though…

In other news I tried to demo my SIG716 for a person who wanted to buy it, he would have it as a battle rifle with only mil surplus ammo which it is very good for. Ofc it broke after 1 mag. Probably my fault for not cleaning it, ejector got stuck. Need to fix that 😂 And then try again…

Need to figure out what to do about that…

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