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Everything about getting a license for a suppressor in Sweden

  1. Get a hunting exam and be able to apply for any .223 and above suppressor.
    Can be used on a firearm on a target shooting license since suppressors can be used for target shooting and are considered a firearm.
  2. For any other suppressor (like .22lr and shotgun) Get a piece of paper like this from a doctor:
  3. To get the piece of paper go to your regular physician and ask for a referral to a specialist. Tell the specialist exactly what you need and why. To save your hearing and not get a worse hearing issues.
  4. When you have the piece of paper attach it with your application for a suppressor.
  5. Good luck and may the police not mess with you.

Applicable law:

1 kap. Lagens tillämpningsområde
3 §   Vad som sägs om skjutvapen gäller också
f) slutstycken, ljuddämpare, eldrör, pipor, stommar, lådor, trummor och mantlar till skjutvapen, eller armborststommar med avfyrningsanordningar,

Basically what this says is that suppressors are to be treated as firearms and require an unique license. Only good thing about this is that you can put your suppressor on a hunting license on your firearm you own on a sportshooting license since it is treated as a firearm and hunting firearms can be used for target shooting. Yes. Silly laws.

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