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Helping my friend the Iraq Army Sniper.

So, he needs a table for his rifle and his load so he can snipe ISIS.

Muzzle velocity: 870 meters per second
Scope height over bore = 7cm
(1click = 1cm@100m)
32 degrees zero temp
40% air humidity
(No barometric pressure so I will skip zero atmosphere)
Rifle is the Osiris T5000 chambered in .338 Lapua Magnum
Barrel lenght: 660 mm (26.0 in)
Rifling is 1-11

Bullet is the Lapua Scenar 250gr
G1 BC: 0.648, G7 BC = 0.322

Now to put this in a magic pot, stirr, and make a table out of it.

So, what we can see here is that the bullet will be subsonic after ~1300 meters.
That makes it unstable and probably will not hit anything.

Btw, the windage value is for 1 meters per second wind full value.

Good luck 👍😎

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