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Labradar accessorie that will make it awesome.

So the issue with a labradar is that it is noise activated.

With a suppressor you need to up the sensitivity of the mic and also use an external mic preferably. This leads to other shots being registered and giving you an error message when it cannot track the bullet in the air = tiresome.

The solution for me before now has been to be alone at the range or wait until the other people are done shooting before I can check my V0.

This nifty gadget is a recoil operated thing that will send a pulse tot he labradar when it senses recoil. It can be calibrated to be more or less sensitive in the labradar settings menu. I set it to 5/10, on thats etting it picket up all shots and did not pick up me slamming the bolt down violently = “lagom” as we say in Sweden.

I can highly recommend it to anyone with a labradar and especially those with suppressed rifles.

Join “labradar owners group” on facebook.


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      There is a guy in Germany making them. Go to the labradar owners forum on facebook and you will find him.

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