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Sommarträffen 2020 Long range comp.

This was a very fun competition.
25km walk with 25kg of gear. 15 shooting stations with a lot of different challenges. Most of them at unknown distances. From ~200m out to 1200meters.
Usually you had 4 minutes to take 6 shots at different targets from different shooting positions.

Example: Shoot at a steel target big as a head above the hatch on an APC from inside a van.
Or shoot from a table at the top floor of a building at silhouette targets popping up out of the terrain and random intervals.

Since it was at a military base/shooting field I was not allowed to film the really cool stuff. But much of it you can see in the video.

My most proud moment was when I got a first round hit at a 60x60cm target at 1200 meters. You can see it at the end of my video.


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