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The people handling gun licensing in Stockholm

To get a firearms license in Sweden you must send in an application to the Police permit department where you live. In Stockholm and the island of Gotland, which is the region where I live, we have some interesting people.

Lets start off with Derya U, a Turkish nationalist known for getting kicked out of the environmentalist party for denying the genocide of Armenians by Turkey.

Rebecca Weidmo Uvell did a long dig on this person you can read here.

Long story short, she is connected to the Turkish government via a lobbying organisation led by AKP the political party of Erdogan the Turkish dictator. They are active in Sweden with among other things spying for the Turkish state on Turkish oppositional people who has fled Turkey.

Then we have Mike E. He started as a right wing politician, transferred to the socialists, worked in the municipality of Ystad as a politician but got fed up with that and moved to Stockholm. Here he writes left wing articles about how bad the Swedish Democrats are, how bad Trump is and how a new wave of left wing people will come.

Anyway, he now lives close to the offices of the Police who handle licensing and works there.

Another bright star is Svante R. He used to work at the government agency “Försäkringskassan” but got kicked to the side from there to the Police. The rumour says, he was not wanted anymore for “reasons”. He used to be the manager/officer in charge of the licensing department in Stockholm but for some “reason” he got demoted. My guess is because of all the complaints. I heard some hilarious rumours about when that happened…

I have infinite amount of stories of Svante just making shit up on the spot to try to deny licensing. I have myself won against him in court when he denied my application and I quote “because I feel like it”. He did not reference any law in the denial, so it was an easy win for me. But these people continue on like this to try and make people give up on legal gun ownership in Sweden. It takes a long time to get to be right, and the process is the punishment for wanting to own legal guns and it is newer a sure thing.

I used to call the previous nationally responsible person for licensing in Sweden for different reasons (Peter T). He always started off with a 30 minute monologue on how evil legal gun ownership is, and how X, Y and Z should be banned.

Examples: Magnified optics over 10x was only for military purposes and should be banned.
Polymer stocks should be banned. Hunters use wood.
Pistol grips? Banned, only for hipfire.
Folding stock? Banned, for concealing firearms so you can murder.
The list goes on.

As the story goes he got advised to get early retirement from the increasing political pressure.

The thing is, there is 0 political capital in being anti-gun in Sweden. The only ones going against legal gun ownership is the current party in power.

It used to be the (right wing) Moderates. They tried to enact stupid laws and the socialists helped gun owners so they did not pass.

Now it is the socialists that are in power and the Moderates help us stop stupid gun-laws.

The reason for this is that there are political commissars with an agenda in the justice department in Sweden, they together with some individuals in the Police have the same agenda.
These people stay after each election and control the agenda. Because the politicians do not actually want to produce policies, they want power for corrupt other reasons.
So they just refer to the activists.

Nils H is one of these people who has stuck around for a while. Famous for kicking a poodle for some reason.

These people all know each other and collaborate. The best guess I have for why they go after legal gun owners is that they are incompetent, combined with a false sense of being better than the Lumpenproletariat.
They want to save us from ourselves by social engineering us in totalitarian ways outside of the law, they are afraid of armed civilians and of us not needing them. So they want us helpless and disarmed, coming to them with hat in hand begging for scraps.

They get away with this because there is no way to hold them accountable. If you are on the state side of the fence you are untouchable. At least until you become a politically liability for the elite. They can lie to the media, to the politicians, they do not follow the law, they can be ordered to do one thing and do another and always get away with it. Because they represent the state.

And in Sweden the state cannot be wrong or be seen to do wrong. So they are protected.


  1. Fredrik

    The reason they always get away with it is because the responsibility (tjänstemannaansvar) was removed in the 70s. There is a petition from the parliament that it SHALL be reinrroduced. The current government did in fact, after dragging their feets for a few years, initiate an investigation. The problem is that suddenly the purpose was to investigate IF it should be reinntroduced instead of HOW it should be reinntroduced as what was decided in the parliament.

  2. Choppo

    That sounds exactly like the Swedish state apparatus I know. Hopefully one day things can turn to the better.

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