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The new suppressor law

2022-02-17 Parliament voted through a proposition by the government that will treat suppressors the same way as ammunition. Well, mostly.
2022-07-01 the changes to the law will take effect.
When you buy a suppressor you will just have to show a license for the firearm you want to use the suppressor for.
Den som har tillstånd eller rätt att inneha ett visst vapen för skjutning får även utan särskilt tillstånd inneha ljuddämpare som passar till vapnet”

So things to remember:
1. If you sell the firearm and not the suppressor, make sure the suppressor fits some other firearm or you are now a criminal.
2. You are still not allowed to make your own suppressor. Duct tape a plastic bottle at the end of your .22lr? Criminal.
3. You can ask to have your old licenses for suppressors revoked. Especially important if you sell a suppressor.

A motion passed to remove some of the stupidity from this, but it is just a passed motion by a majority in parliament, so our current social democratic government will not give a shit about the will of the people in this great democracy called Sweden.

Anyway, suppressors without bullshit paperwork! Get your pistols suppressed, your .22lr rifles, your shotguns, your everything! No excuses, save your hearing!

Ps. Same rules that says suppressors are military hardware and need a special permit from ISP to be created says the same about flashhiders and bipods/shooting rests.
So remember to ask permission from the state before making a shooting stick out of 2 branches tied together.

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  1. Ulyng

    They know it’s stupid. Tighter and tighter rules, and more and more. The state fears the citizens. But apparently not the criminals.

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