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Scary brush with IT death

So for some reason an hdd died on my NAS.
Got a bunch of random CRC issues and would not pass any checks. Strange.
I did what any IT pro would do and powercycled the damn thing after almost a year of uptime.
I almost cried while doing it. Long uptime equals personal nerd pride.

After this the drive was not even seen by the OS.
= buy another one.

I got the Seagate IronWolf Pro 4TB / 128MB / 7200RPM / ST4000NE001
To replace an old barracuda 4TB drive that had fallen in battle.

I use Unraid, so I have a parity drive that can rebuild one lost drive (not more than one though).

For now I had lost .img for this webserver, almost all video taken during 2022 and worst of all, all work related shit the missus had saved on the server during 2022. This was actually serious business. She would have been royally fucked if I could not fix this shit.

So I set to rebuilding the damn lost drive.
I have to use a ladder to even reach the server. I climbed up and got it down beneath a pile of USB fans (yes I use those to circulate air to keep HDDs at ~31c, not stupid if it works) and an access point.
After finding the offending drive I marked them all with number in storage solution for future convenience, removed the old, broken one and inserted the new one. Also used some canned air to remove dust which was surprisingly very little.

Reconnected it all and booted up.
New drive was found, added it where the old one was supposed to go and started rebuilding the data.

0 errors!!! Hell Yeah!
Now it is time to get automated offsite backup for the missus….

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